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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

MFD Vacuum Shop

COVID 19 ACCESS CHANGES: Please make an appointment via email or call Giulia prior to coming to the shop.

Giulia Lanza Supervisor - Phone: 926-4450

Leo Giannini  Assistant Supervisor - Phone: 926-4954 

MFD's Vacuum Group capabilities and resources

  • Vacuum processing and evaluation of vacuum components
    • Capable of processing components with flanges from 1 1/3" up to 16"
    • Up to lengths of 23', heights of 30", and widths up to 36"
    • Helium leak check UHV subassemblies to a minimum sensitivity of 2 X 10-10 standard cc/sec per leak meter division, through the use of "dry" leak detectors using mass spectrometers or Resisual Gas Analyzers
  • Two class 10,000 and one class 1000 clean room assembly areas
  • Accelerator maintenance on systems ranging from rough vacuum to XHV
  • Clean room assembly of simple to very complex vacuum components and instrumentation
  • Performing out gassing measurements and residual gas analysis
  • Providing glow discharge cleaning services
  • Boroscope capabilities
  • Component testing (valves, pumps, etc)
  • Component fabrication consulting

Photo : Bake Area
An overhead view of the main bakeout area and the 24' ovens.

TPC unit A picture of one of the Vacuum Shop's thermal process controller units (TPC), which can monitor and control bake outs through a computer interface.

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