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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

Coil Shop and Precision Assembly

COVID 19 ACCESS CHANGES: Please make an appointment via email, call, or text to Rich E. Atkinson at 650-255-1481 prior to coming to the shop.

The Coil Shop of the Mechanical Fabrication Department specializes in all work related to magnets - Coil winding, coil and magnet testing, magnet build and refurbishment, flow and pressure testing, and all kinds of precision assembly of small to very large assemblies. This group can assemble, transport, and install heavy and complicated assemblies to any operations or experimental area.

Coil and Precision Assembly strives hard to maintain a high degree of flexibility in meeting the varied needs of its customers. This includes providing the kinds of information and facility access that can save engineers, physicists, designers and managers large amounts of time and money during the course of their projects. All our shop and field efforts go toward providing our customers with the highest quality product and an exceptional level of service.

Richard E. Atkinson, Supervisor - x3715




Sextupole electromagnet    

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