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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

Braze Shop / Precision Assembly

The Precision Assembly group of the Mechanical Fabrication Department specializes in hydrogen furnace step brazing of UHV components and wave guides, heat treating of various metal alloys, UHV welding and leak checking, and assembly and tasks related to the fabrication of a variety of beamline instruments and parts. We have also worked successfully with Glidcop and exotic braze alloys, including copper, gold, and silver. Electromagnet coil fabrication and repairs are handled by Precision Assembly, and our highly trained radiation workers also provide MFD customers with technical support in the field.

Precision Assembly strives hard to maintain a high degree of flexibility in meeting the varied needs of its customers. This includes providing the kinds of information and facility access that can save engineers, physicists, designers and managers large amounts of time and money during the course of their projects. All our shop and field efforts go toward providing our customers with the highest quality product and an exceptional level of service.

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Sextupole electromagnet Moveable collimator transition Brazed assembly

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