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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

Field Operations

Photo: Dave BosticThe Field Operations Group has extensive knowledge of beam line history and configuration leading to expertise in the scheduling of personnel and resources for large scale installation projects. They will work directly with engineering and fabrication to ensure that the final installation is done in a timely cost effective manner. This group is fully supported with experienced staff that can address any vacuum or mechanical beam line issue, provide support for the laboratory with beam line operational maintenance and service and provide a fast and efficient response to beam line operational emergencies.

Contact Information:

Greg Diaz - Sectors 10-30, FACET, BSY
Phone: (650)926-4184

Rich D. Atkinson - Sectors 2-10 Cryomodules, EBD, FEE
Phone: (650)926-2579

Jeff Garcia - LCLS II Injector (Sectors 0-2), BTH West, BTH, LTU, Undulator Hall
Phone: (650)926-6241



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