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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

Metal Finishing Shop

Photo: Cleaning/plating shopCOVID 19 ACCESS CHANGES: Please make an appointment via email, call, or text to Tom at 408-307-1125 prior to coming to the shop. Please bring your own safety glasses.

Thomas Dinan, Supervisor - 926-2580

Correct metal finishing procedures and practices are critical to the proper performance of a metal under specified conditions. High quality metal finishes are one of the major objectives of the MFD Metal Finishing Shop.

There are many reasons why cleaning and plating quality have become a major concern of most industries. Cleaned parts and plated deposits are specified for a variety of technical reasons and it is essential that these perform entirely as expected.

To prevent cleaning- and plating-related defects, the Metal Finishing Shop has string cleaning and plating specifications and tests which have been developed over 30 years. With a complete in-house chemical laboratory, all process variables are controlled within their critical limits using different analytical instruments and techniques such as ion chromatography and atomic absorption.

Each and every part from start to finish is processed in a precise manner by qualified employees. The shop's supervisor is a college-trained chemist and the metal finishing staff are experienced and highly trained. The shop strives for a quick turnover time for normal work, and responds to emergency and rush jobs.



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