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MFD: Mechanical Fabrication Department

Information Technology Group


The MFD Information Technology Group's mission is to continually provide support for MFD computer users, maintain specialized manufacturing, data acquisition, database, and CAD-CAM applications; support MFD desktops, servers, printers, peripheral hardware, and network communications; produce and distribute the necessary documentation to support IT-IS programs and services by:

  1. Setting up new computer hardware including installing video, Ethernet and other cards connecting peripheral devices and connecting workstations to SCS LAN. Providing the same services for existing computers when required.
  2. Upgrading existing computers via installation of new motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives, and other external and internal devices.
  3. Setting up multi-media workstations and presentation systems.
  4. Software installation including applications, internet and other network access tools, peripherals drivers, and updates. Recording installation of SLAC site-licensed software.
  5. Troubleshooting using diagnostic tools to examine hardware and software problems; preventing, detecting, and removing computer viruses.
  6. Hardware maintenance and servicing, including preventative maintenance, problem diagnosis, repair, replacement, coordination of offsite service of machines, and maintaining an inventory of standardized spare parts and systems.
  7. Recording of service calls made via RT and other software tools in order to record initial requests, track actions taken, indicate completion of problems, and log effort required and successful resolutions.
  8. Record and maintain records of all computers installed.

Support Links

If you are in need of support, you may either:

Application Support

All of the following links are in PDF format and SLAC Only access.

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