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International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment

To search the proceedings, use the search box in the upper right corner of the page. This search works best if you include explicit boolean logic operators (eg. AND, OR, NOT) along with the special url operator (url:IWAA) in the search string. For example to find an IWAA document containing the terms 'GPS' and 'Leveling' enter the string 'GPS AND leveling AND url:IWAA' in the search box. Additional tips for using the search engine are available from the 'help' link on the results page displayed after your initial search.


SLAC, 1999 IWAA 1993 at CERN
1989 1990 1993
IWAA 1995 at KEK IWAA 2007 at Argonne National Laboratory IWAA 1999 at ESRF
1995 1997 1999
IWAA 2002 aqt SPring-8 IWAA 2004 at CERN IWAA 2006 at SLAC
2002 2004 2006

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