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SPIRES Search Help

Basic SPIRES Search

  1. In the search box type a find command as follows:

    find index-name (e.g. t, au, s) search word {Boolean Operator, e.g. 'and,' 'and not', 'or'} index-name search word.

    Example: find au chao and t accel#

  2. Then select a format and a sort order from the pull-down menus and click search.
  3. You can truncate search words with # (number sign). Example: fin t astro#



Example: fin t quarks
Use 't' or 'title' to search for any or all words from the title.


Example: fin s magnetism
Use 's' or 'subject' to search for any subjects or keywords.


Example: fin a Panofsky, W K H ; fin a panof#
Use 'a' or 'author' to search for author/s. Enter the last name of the author and the first initial, if known.


Example: fin d 2007 and t engin#
Use 'd or 'date' to search for the date the book was published.

Library of Congress Call number

Example: fin cl QC179#
Use 'cl' or 'callno' to search for assigned LC call numbers.