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SLAC Policy on Purchase of Hazardous Items

To be used with SLAC Purchase Requisition forms. 

Requisitions with items requiring Hazard Controls or involving Hazardous Materials or Hazardous Activities require special processing. If you select 'Yes' in the Purchase Requisition System for one of the following categories, notification will automatically be sent to the contact person.  Please read the information listed below for other details about that category.

  • Radiation Generating Devices and Radioactive Material:
    - RPFO assistant group leader, Henry Brogonia, and RPQA Manager, Marcia Torres
    On purchase requisitions involving radiation, they will be notified and the Purchase Requisition System will automatically add as approvers.
  • Hazardous Materials/GSS:
    - Chemical Management Services (CMS) Coordinator, Anguel Alexiev
    All chemicals, fuels, gasses and standard sizes of lead sheets and bricks must be purchased using Goverment Scientific Source (GSS)This is an external link, going to a location outside of the SLAC website. Any purchase requisitions for these items will be denied; only ones submitted through GSS will be considered. Contact the CMS Coordinator (above) for more information on purchasing through GSS.
  • Items containing Hazardous Materials:
    - CMS Program Manager, Yoli Pilastro
    For purchases of equipment containing hazardous materials (e.g. mercury, oil, etc.), and lead-acid batteries, email notification will be sent to the CMS Program Manager.
  • Hazardous Metals:
    - Industrial Hygiene (IH) Program Manager, Mike McDaniel
    The IH Program Manager will be notified of purchases of fabricated lead sheets and all hazardous metals and alloys with a NFPA health rating of 3 or more (e.g. Cu-Be). Contact the IH Manager (above) for more information about NFPA health ratings.
  • Hoisting and Rigging Equipment:
    - Hoisting and Rigging Program Manager, Robin Christenson
    The H&R Program Manager will be notified of any Hoisting and Rigging equipment purchase requisitions.
  • Lasers:
    - Laser Safety Officer, Mike Woods
    The Laser Safety Officer will be notified of any Class 3b and Class 4 laser purchases or services, and for laser protection eyewear.
  • Pressure Vessels:
    - SLAC Pressure Systems Safety Manager, Scott L. Coleman 
    Notification of any Pressure Vessel-related purchases will be sent to the following POCs based on your directorate org code:

    Scott DeBarger; AD Mechanical Engineering
    Keith Jobe; AD Test Facilities
    Tom Peterson; LCLS-II Project
    Wes Craddock; Science EPP Mechanical Engineering
    Drew Barada; LCLS
    Dan Harrington; SSRL Beamline Systems
    Andrew Haase, TID
    Yumiko Baba; F&O Division


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