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Chapter 14: Pressure Systems

The purpose of this program is to ensure worker safety and that pressure systems comply with Cal/OSHA regulations (8 CCR), applicable codes and standards, and sound engineering principles.

The program covers the design, purchase, construction, installation, operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and decommissioning of the following pressure system types and system components (such as pressure relief devices, piping, fittings, gauges, valves, and associated pressure-retaining hardware):

  • Pressure vessels, boilers, and air receivers, and their supporting piping systems
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Vacuum systems that can be pressurized due to backfill
  • Conventional systems used for utilities and facilities, and low conductivity water (LCW)
  • Scientific systems such as cryomodules, superconducting magnets, experiment target vessels, and other experimental equipment (above 15 psig as well as under vacuum)
  • Compressed gas systems
  • Refrigeration systems

The requirements of this program apply to pressure system operators, custodians, owners, mechanics, inspectors, design engineers, project managers, line management, the Pressure Systems Working Group, and the pressure systems program manager.

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Department: Code Compliance and AHJ Services
Program Manager: Scott J. Kaminski 

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