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Chapter 51: Control of Hazardous Energy

The purpose of this program is to prevent worker exposure to hazardous energy (such as from unexpected energization, start-up, or release of stored energy).

It covers controlling hazardous energy associated with the service and maintenance of machines, equipment, or systems. It also covers administrative lock and tag control, which may involve the lockout of equipment for configuration or operational purposes, but which may not be used alone to protect workers from hazardous energy.

It applies to workers (as authorized, lead authorized, affected, and zero voltage verification workers and operations group members) and supervisors; equipment designers, custodians, and owners; LOTO inspectors; project managers, field construction and service managers, and points of contact; the CoHE program manager, related ESH program managers; and associate laboratory directors.

Note: control of hazardous energy is commonly referred to as CoHE, and lockout/tagout is commonly referred to as LOTO or lockout.

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Department: Code Compliance and AHJ Services
Program Manager: Doug Stickney

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