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Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The General Permit requires SLAC to describe stormwater management controls appropriate for the facility. BMPs are part of the SLAC stormwater management controls and are employed to reduce stormwater contamination (and the potential for contamination).

BMPs can be simple and low cost (such as keeping work areas clean and free of debris), or costly (such as installing structural controls). Most BMPs are preventive and have been previously implemented at SLAC as prudent practices or as requirements of ESH regulations.

The BMPs minimize the impact of activities that potentially contribute contaminants to stormwater discharges. Associate Directors are responsible for ensuring that BMPs are followed within their respective divisions.

  • Best Management Practices Determination Flow Chart [pdf]
  • Best Management Practices Index [pdf]
  • BMP 1 - Training and Outreach
  • BMP 2 - Improper Discharges to Storm Drains
  • BMP 3 - Vehicle and Equipment Fueling
  • BMP 4 - Vehicle and Equipment Washing and Steam Cleaning
  • BMP 5 - Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • BMP 6 - Transportation and Outdoor Loading/Unloading of Material
  • BMP 7 - Outdoor Container Storage of Liquids
  • BMP 8 - Outdoor Process Equipment Operations and Maintenance
  • BMP 9 - Outdoor Material Storage and Handling
  • BMP 10 - Outdoor Waste Handling and Disposal
  • BMP 11 - Contaminated or Erodible Surface Area Management
  • BMP 12 - Building and Grounds Maintenance (Housekeeping)
  • BMP 13 - Building Repair, Remodeling, and Construction
  • BMP 14 - Managing Collected Rain Water in Containments, Sumps, Vaults
  • BMP 15 - Cafeteria and Food Service
  • BMP 16 - Spill Response
  • BMP 17 - Inspections, Evaluations, and Quality Assurance

this is a SLAC-Internal page SLAC Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan [pdf]

See the Stormwater Chapter Exhibits for more forms and tools.

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