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Frequently Asked Questions About Water 

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Why do we need to protect stormwater?

What does the stormwater pollution prevention permit do?

What is a best management practice or BMP?

Which BMPs apply to me?

Is domestic water allowed to be discharged to the storm drain?

What is allowed to be discharged to the storm drain?

When should I report a discharge to the storm drain?

What can I do to help protect the creek?

Stormwater Construction Requirements

What types of construction activities are
regulated under the construction stormwater permit program?

How does a stormwater permitted construction operator terminate coverage?

Industrial Wastewater

What is the difference between industrial wastewater and stormwater?

Why is there a permit for industrial wastewater?

Are there any restrictions to what can be discharged to the sanitary sewer?

What exactly is a total toxic organic (TTO) or solvent management plan (SMP), and when does it apply?

What is a non-routine permit application and when do I need one?

Water Conservation

Doesn’t water conservation mean just using less water?

Why is water conservation important at SLAC?

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