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Chapter 2: Work Planning and Control

Work planning and control (WPC) is the use of formal, documented processes for identifying and mitigating risks when planning, authorizing, releasing, and performing work. The purpose of WPC is to ensure adequate protection of workers, the public, and the environment, which would otherwise be put at risk by inconsistent and inadequate planning, authorization, and control.

This program covers all activity-level work performed in or on facilities managed by SLAC, including technical and administrative activities, construction, experiments, operations, maintenance, and service. It does not cover project management, scheduling, or budgeting. The program also covers the stop work process as part of performing work within controls. It does not cover project management, scheduling, or budgeting.

It applies to all workers (including SLAC employees, subcontractors, and users), supervisors, field construction and service managers and points of contact, project managers, subcontractors, area and building managers, ESH coordinators, department and division heads, associated laboratory directors, the chief safety officer, ESH, and the work planning and control program manager.

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Department: Contractor Assurance
Program Manager: Rich Poliak

For construction WPC, contact Greg W. Johnson

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