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Chapter 16: Spills

The purpose of this program is to ensure all spills, defined as the unintentional release of any material that results in a potential hazard to human health, the environment, and/or property, are contained and cleaned up in a manner that minimizes potential risk and are reported in compliance with Department of Energy (DOE) requirements and state and federal regulations.

It covers spill response from discovery through notification, assessment, response, cleanup, and reporting for all types of spills, from those of domestic water or sewage that enters the storm drain system to radioactive and hazardous materials and waste. It applies to all workers discovering and responding to spills and their supervisors, the Waste Management Group and Environmental Protection and Radiation Protection departments, the Facilities and Operations Division, SLAC Site Security, and the local fire department.

Quick Start Summary [pdf]

Full chapter [pdf]

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  • Spill Report Form [pdf] | [docx]

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Department: Environmental Protection
Program Manager: Michael B. Hug

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