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What to Do in an Emergency?

In an Emergency:

  • Safety First!  Your safety is the most important thing.
  • Call 911
  • After calling 911, call SLAC Security x5555, then notify your supervisor

Building Emergency Plans and SLAC911 Alerts

Consult with your Building Manager this is a SLAC-Internal page to find out specific information about your building such as emergency evacuation routes, where fire extinguishers are, and what particular safety hazards you should be alert for. 

SLAC911 is the lab’s mass rapid-alert system. In the event of an emergency, the system will notify faculty, staff and students via text messaging, voicemail and/or email. Personal cell phone and email will be contacted if the information is entered in the system.  If you are SLAC personnel and would like to update your emergency alert information in the system, please log onto a SLAC network* and follow these instructions.

*SLAC network is a computer onsite at SLAC, or remote log-in with VPN or Citrix.

Situational Guides

For quick guidelines on how to respond to the following situations, please follow the links.

For all other resources, see the Emergency Management Document Crosswalk  icon for secured site link - SLAC Internal

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