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Emergency Contacts

For Fire, Police, Medical, or Hazardous Materials Emergencies, Call 911

Some specific numbers for incidents are listed below.  If there is any doubt of who to call, call 911.  For non-emergencies, please use the ESH Program and SME Resource List icon for secured site link.    For phone numbers listed as SLAC extensions (Ex. x2551), the full number for outside lines uses 650-926-xxxx (Ex. 650-926-2551).



Emergency 911
Deputy Facility Manager (for ORPS and DOE reports) 650-804-5465
ESH Service Desk (for non-life-threatening questions)
(or call x4641 for anonymous reporting)
Hotline for Staff Information
(Recorded SLAC site status in case of emergencies)
 (toll free)
Fire 911
Front Gate (24 hours) x2551
Gate 30 (daytime only) x2240
Hazardous Waste (Spills)  
     Spill Emergency 911
x5555 (call 911 first)
     Advice/Information x3586 or x2399
Main Control Center x2151
Main Gate x2551
Maintenance x8901
Medical Emergency 911
x5555 (call 911 first)
    Occupational Health Center (daytime only) x2281
Plating Shop x2580
pager 650-849-9561
Police 911
Radiological Incidents and Support
See the call-in list for more numbers and specific responsibilities
(normal working hours, support)

(duty cell phone, emergency, support outside normal hours)
Radioactive Survey x4299
Security, SLAC emergency: x5555

non-emergency x2551



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