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Chapter 37: Emergency Management

The purpose of this program is to ensure that everyone at SLAC knows what to do in the event of both life- threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies.

It covers general notification, response, and reporting. (For detailed response procedures and roles and responsibilities, see the Emergency Management Plan [pdf].)

It applies to workers, supervisors, area and building managers, SLAC Site Security, the SLAC duty officer, chief safety officer, emergency management coordinator, and emergency responders.

Quick Start Summary [pdf]

Full chapter [pdf]

Procedures and Requirements


Forms and Tools

  • Emergency Slide [ppt]
    A powerpoint slide of safety and emergency information for insertion into presentations

Other Program Documents and Resources

Program Ownership

Department: Security and Emergency Management
Program Manager: Lance J. Lougee

Additional Contacts

Program SLAC-Internal page


First call 911

Then call 5555

See Emergency Contacts
for more numbers.

In a non-emergency, SLAC Site Security at the Main Gate can be contacted at x2551

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