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Group C is one of the Departments in the Research Division at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Members of Group C play prominent roles in BABAR, the large experiment operating at the PEP II Storage Ring Complex on site. The principal goals of this experiment are:

  • to search for violation of CP invariance in neutral B Mesons (achieved in 2000)
  • to further explore CP violating effects and gain a more in-depth understanding of this important and still puzzling phenomenon
  • to probe decays of B mesons and other heavy flavor particles for signs of phenomena that are inconsistent with our current understanding of particle physics
  • to perform a comprehensive survey of many millions of particle interactions

These studies are fundamental to our understanding of the Standard Model of Weak Interactions. CP Violation is believed to be a key to our understanding of the observation that the world we live in is predominantly made of matter, with almost no anti-matter.

Contact Information:

Physics Research: Vera Luth or Aaron Roodman
Administrative: Barbara Valdez



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