April 04, 2000

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This is the mustard seed of what will eventually become the full NLC database. At this time we have a set of Area and Device Type names. The core of these names come from optics models as produced by Mark Woodley et al. Since the volume of data is small, you can look at the entire list or query for a specific subset. The query page also allows you to download the result to a spreadsheet.

  • Complete Area List: View the entire list of NLC areas including their formal names and descriptions as defined by the optics models. Additional non-beamline areas have been added to the list as examples of how all physical areas of the NLC facility will be uniquely identified in the full database.

  • Query Area List: Search for specific machine areas. You may use wildcard characters to obtain a subset of areas.

  • Complete Device Type List: Obtain a list of all currently defined device types in the NLC complex. All devices in the database with a formal device name will have a type designation to identify their functionality. These include beamline component types such as QUAD for quadrupole magnets and non-beamline component types such as VXCPU for VXI chassis controller and CPU.

Device Query Capabilities

Beamline components from a small set of optics models have been entered in the database. You can query these with the caveat that only a few areas have been loaded.

  • Query Beamline Devices. Even though only a few areas have been loaded there are still ~15K devices presently in the database.


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