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June 22, 2000 Proposals for Enhancement of Correlation Plots for NLC Presentation notes
June 14, 2000 Reports on Java One Conference in San Francisco Presentation notes
June 7, 2000 Progress Report on NLC Database and CORBA Middleware Projects   notes
May 31, 2000 Networks and Operating Systems of Interest for NLC Presentation notes
May 10, 2000 Data Streaming, Bandwidth Issues, OO Architecture Presentation  
April 13, 2000 National Ignition Facility (NIF) Control System Presentation notes
Mar. 29, 2000 NLC Beam Containment System (BCS) Specifications
System Diagram
Mar. 22, 2000 Control System Booting Issues;    Web Interface to Control System via  CORBA. NLC Booting; notes
Mar. 15, 2000 NLC Timing System   notes
Mar. 8, 2000 MPS Requirements and Streaming Implementation Presentation notes
Mar. 1, 2000 NLC PPS Overview   notes
Feb. 23, 2000 Data Archiving Requirements Presentation notes
Jan. 26, 2000 Review of SLC feedback high-level functionality and NLC  requirements Presentation notes
Jan. 19, 2000 Report on the Los Alamos meeting on future directions in EPICS Presentation  
Jan. 12, 2000 NLC Requirements Documentation Scheme Presentation. Scheme. notes
Jan. 5, 2000 Discussions on NLC Requirements Document Requirements notes
Dec. 15, 1999 Error and General Message Logging and Retrieval Message Logging notes
Dec. 8, 1999 Review of the SLC/PEP-II control system low-level (micro) and high-level BPM functionality Low-leve BPM tasks
High-level BPM Apps.
Dec. 1, 1999. Review of the SLC/PEP-II control system user interface functionality and button macro facility. User interface
Button macro
Nov. 17, 1999 Accelerator device modeling in NLC enterprise-wide Oracle database Device modeling notes
Nov. 10, 1999 High-level requirements and requirement documentation for NLC control system Requirements notes
Oct 27, 1999 ICALEPCS debriefing continued: Databases, Middleware Database, Tango, CERN/Java-Cdev notes
Oct. 21, 1999 European EPICS & ICALEPCS99 debriefing EPICS, ICALEPCS, Overview notes
Oct. 13, 1999 BaBar's use of CORBA by Tom Glanzman Tom's Slides  
Sep. 29, 1999 Discussions on developing control system requirements   notes
Sep. 22, 1999 Contiuation of discussions on software R&D plans, schedule and cost R&D Plan       Schedule notes
Sep. 15, 1999 R&D Plans for Pulsed Operation, Fieldbus, Controls Software Pulsed,       Fieldbus,
Software,    Schedule
Sep. 8, 1999 The PEP-II Project-Wide Database Overview;   BrowseDB notes
Aug. 25, 1999 NLC Controls Software Architecture R&D Proposal Proposal notes
Aug. 11, 1999 Embedded Systems Capabillities Embedded Systems notes
Aug. 04, 1999 Architecture Cost Reduction, Pass II Cost Reduction notes
Jul. 28, 1999 Systems Requirements Specification;  Architecture Cost Reductions Reqs;    Cost Opt. notes
Jul. 21, 1999 Control System Software Architecture R&D: an Introduction Software Architecture notes
Jul. 14, 1999 NLC Database Status; Real Time Linux as an RTE Database;    Linux notes
Jul. 07, 1999 Network R&D Schedule and Resources   notes
Jun. 30, 1999 R&D Plans for Networks, 120 Hz. Pulsed Operation, and Fieldbuses Networks;   120 Hz notes
Jun. 23, 1999 Error Logging Requirements & CMLOG Development as an Event/Error Logger Error/Message Logging notes
Jun. 16, 1999 Distributed Software Development (the BaBar Experience)   notes


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