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  1. New Logical Names for Computer Disks
  2. CORRELATION PLOTS Improvements
  3. Magnet Diagnostics Panel
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New Logical Names for Computer Disks

July 8, 1987

Author: Mike Sullenberger Subsystem: VAXes User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: None Help File: None

In order to support the new disk drives, I have created a new names.

This set of logical names point to specific disk drives and should be used in code or command files for something that resides on only on one VAX and disk drive (usually you will not use this set of logical names).


This set of logical names point to generic style disk drives and should be used in code or command files that are to be used on both VAXes (usually you should use this set of logical names.)

.cm SYS_DISK - System Disk CTRL_DISK - Control System Disk USER_DISK - User Disk DATA_DISK - Data Disk .cm

In most files you will want to make the following changes

.cm Change DISK0: to SYS_DISK: Change DISK1: to CTRL_DISK: Change DISK2: to USER_DISK: .cm

For more detailed information please contact me at x3413.


July 2, 1987

Author: Miguel Flores Subsystem: None User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: Few Documentation: This is it. Help File: None

BPM raw data is now a valid secondary. Enter ``BPM ?'' for a list. This also applies to other BPM-like primaries (TORO, BWMS, GAPM, etc.).

The values of the step variable are now saved internally as though they were sampled variables. An odd-placed button on the display panels will have the step variable name written on it, just like the sample variables. You can use this ``variable'' the same way you can use a sample variable, except you can not use it in ``PLOT PAIRS'' mode. Yes, you can now get multi-knob values for plotting, and it is completely automatic.

A new output feature of the CORRELATION PLOTS is write out all of the data in a matrix or spreadsheet format. You have two choices for specific output format: for the 20/20 SpreadSheet program, or the MATLAB math program package. These output files can be IMPORTed or LOADed directly from the output files. For 20/20 output, the sampled variable names are included in the first four rows; for MATLAB output, the variable number of each column is written in the first row (characters are not allowed) help in identifying the column. If you have not guessed, the columns are sample variables and rows are the samples. The default file extensions are ``.D20'' for 20/20 and ``.MAT'' for MATLAB. If you have questions or problems, feel free to call me.

Magnet Diagnostics Panel

June 30, 1987

Author: Nobu Toge Subsystem: Magnets User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: No Help File: None



button (TRIM enable/disable) has been disabled for ordinary magnets (i.e.~LGPS, COR, QUAD, etc), in order to avoid confusion/mistakes. Now this button works only for the ARC magnet movers. Its primary purpose is, as described earlier, to flag a stuck magnet mover which has not yet been repaired.

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