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  1. New Disk Drives
  2. Soft BPM data acquisition for Injection
  3. Magnet Diagnostics Panel
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New Disk Drives

July 2, 1987

Author: J. Brown Subsystem: VAXes User Impact: Net Positive
Panel Changes: None Documentation: None Help File: None

On Monday, July 6, DEC is scheduled to install four new RA81 disk drives on the MCC/SLC VAXes, and remove two RM80's and one RP06; two RP07's will remain. When the dust settles, the total disk capacity available on the two machines will go from 1.45 gigabytes to 2.85 gigabytes, almost twice as much. If all goes well, the installation will take approximately eight hours, but the control system should be down only for two relatively brief intervals, as it is moved from the MCC VAX to the SLC VAX, and back again. Program development will be seriously impacted, however, since there will be only one operable computer for most of the day, and it will be assigned the accelerator control function.

Unlike the rest of our existing peripherals, the new disks (representing 1.81 gigabytes) can be used with a new 8000-series CPU which we hope to get early in FY88 (i.e., this fall). The new disks are also dual-ported, so we preserve the "fail-over" capability that we currently have.

Soft BPM data acquisition for Injection

July 2, 1987

Author: Lou Sanchez-Chopitea Subsystem: SLC User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: Few Documentation: None Help File: None

Injection has been modified to use the new soft BPM measurement preparation and acquisition software to properly handle multiple bunches. In addition the user will only be prompted for information for the relevant bunches when the M DEF# or CONFIG buttons are pushed.

A by-product of these changes is that the BPM data acqusition wil now not select the measurement definition required but will leave the one the user has selected. Therefore the START BPM DISPLY button will not automatically select the bunch for which the last data was acquired.

Magnet Diagnostics Panel

June 30, 1987

Author: Nobu Toge Subsystem: Magnets User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: No Help File: None



button (TRIM enable/disable) has been disabled for ordinary magnets (i.e.~LGPS, COR, QUAD, etc), in order to avoid confusion/mistakes. Now this button works only for the ARC magnet movers. Its primary purpose is, as described earlier, to flag a stuck magnet mover which has not yet been repaired.

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