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  1. BPM Calibration Paging
  2. Improved Klystron Displays
  3. CUD Klystron Display
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BPM Calibration Paging

June 23, 1987

Author: J. Bogart Subsystem: SLC User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: One Documentation: No Help File: No

A new button for paging through BPM calibration files may be found on the dev BPM START panel. Initially it will appear as


If you press it you will first be prompted for a new increment (default is the value on the button), then the display will refresh on the new page. Both positive and negative increments are allowed. If the refreshed display is all blank you have gone past the last page. Press the button again and the first page of the display will re-appear.

incrementing pages

Improved Klystron Displays

June 25, 1987

Author: Miguel Flores (MICK) Subsystem: Klystrons User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: No Help File: None

The Klystron maintainance display now supports a multi-paging button. Press this button and you will be prompted for the number of pages to skip, or page over. Positive values will go forward, negative will go backward. Some unavoidable "funny" behavior may be noticed at the beginning or end of the display. Just try again.

The Klystron displays which show helpful text descriptions of the station status have had some priorities changed to show the most important or interesting descriptions first. (Of course, the ordering is mostly based on what Marc Ross thinks is important.) There is also a three character version of these descriptions which are now used by the CUD klystron display. With some imagination, you can see that the CUD display and the SCP klystron displays agree.

Lastly, the last page button will now work for the Klystron displays.

CUD Klystron Display

June 25, 1987

Author: Miguel Flores (MICK) Subsystem: Klystrons User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: No Help File: None

The CUD Klystron display has been enhanced to show a three character version of the discriptive text you see in the SCP Klystron displays. A new klystron micro job was released which will put single character messages into a new data base secondary, :KERR:, which is then displayed by CUD as station faults.

The faults are currently recorded in two parts. The :KERR: secondary is four characters big, with the last two unused. The first character shows recent faults, and is cleared after one minute of no more faults. The second character shows historic faults, is set when a fault occurrs, and is cleared after five minutes of no more faults.

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