June 16, 1987 All That Fits is News to Print Vol. 1, No. 4

Contents of Vol. 1, No. 4

  1. Designer Z-Plots
  2. Configuration Region Changes
  3. CAMAC Verify by PARANOIA
  4. Feedback tabular display changes
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Designer Z-Plots

June 15, 1987

Author: Jeanne Tolmasoff Subsystem: SLC User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: Few Documentation: No Help File: None

There have been a large number of small changes in DESIGNER Z-Plot to fix previously reported ``Bugs'' and provide single unit information to the Operator.

A noticeable Operations change to the DESIGNER Z-Plot panel is the addition of two display buttons,






Additionally, the displays have been modified to present improved titles, and proper support of the ``Print'' feature.

Bugs in the generic Z-Plot routines which result in only partial displays in micros with large numbers of devices have been found and fixed.

The Designer Z-PLOT routines (from a software prospective) have been modularized, and are now substantially easier to work with.

Configuration Region Changes

June 11, 1987

Author: N. Spencer Subsystem: SLC User Impact: Moderate
Panel Changes: Few Documentation: No Help File: No

New configuration regions NRING and SRING have been set up to save the entire North or South Damping ring complexes (NRING is equivalent to NLTR, NDR and NRTL; SRING is equivalent to SLTR, SDR and SRTL). Buttons that referenced NLTR, NDR, NRTL, SLTR, SDR or SRTL have been removed from the Configuration Touch Panel. One can get access to these old configurations by hitting the REGION SELECT button and typing the desired name, for example SRTL.

However, in a few weeks these piece-meal configurations will be deleted and one is advised NOT to save new configurations for just a part of the damping ring. Rather, one should save a new NRING or SRING configuration after setting up all the component parts of the configuration (for example, LOAD NLTR, LOAD NDR, LOAD NRTL, then SAVE NRING).


June 11, 1987

Author: N. Spencer Subsystem: SLC User Impact: Small
Panel Changes: None Documentation: Yes Help File: None

PARANOIA will verify all CAMAC crates in all micros every 11 minutes. The results of the verify will be summarized in the database in primary CSTR , secondary CRTS . The CAMAC status display will show the summary of any verify errors. A request from a SCP for a verify for a particular crate in a particular micro will also update the database status.

Feedback tabular display changes

June 15, 1987

Author: John Zicker Subsystem: SLC User Impact: None
Panel Changes: Few Documentation: None Help File: None

The ALL $*$ Unit display and the Active Unit display now present the information for the unit's HSTA and STAT variables in English instead of hexadecimal. Next page buttons have been added to all of the feedback panels to allow looking at the next page of a multi-page tabular display. Multi-page tabular displays occur in feedback when the ALL $*$ Unit display is selected or if the Active Unit display runs over to another page.

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