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Presentations How-To Documents*
  Connect to SLAC via DSL*
Design Documents* Connect to SLAC via modem*

Integrating the Master Oscillator into Corr Plots by GREG*

Blocked Telnet/Rcommand*
PARANOIA TCP modifications by RONM* SSH Hints*
DBInstall Schedule & Notification Install SSH*
Notes on Dual DB Magnets* Install and Run Xwin32*
EPICs Archiver Overview* SLCmicro System Howto*
Ethernet Boot by TEG Write CDs via the Network
  PC Knobs Reference*
Requirements Documents*

DBGEN Checkout, IPL Micros

PEPII Network Hardware Implementation by Ed Miller* Findings and Procedures for Mac Users at SLAC
NLC RF by Stephanie Allison*  
  User's Guides
Machine Protection System (MPS) Error Handling Manual
MPS System EPC Configuration Guide
MPS Micros Fast Feedback User's Guide

MPS Diagnostics

TCP/IP based micros
MPS Algorithm Simulator Command Server
MPS Algorithm Language CMLOG
Critical MCC Server Ping Status EPC Serial Port Debugging
Catalyst Node Ping Status  
MPS Interruption Cater Miscellaneous
  SLC Hardware Manual
SLC Architecture* BOAT BPM Manual
POOP (complete document) Fast Data Archiving
POOP (one page per chapter) Link to top level doc$000000 directory on Alpha machines
BUG (complete document)  
BUG (one page per chapter)  

* Links followed by an asterisk are limited to SLAC clients only.


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