Charter Review Subcommittee:

The Charter Review Subcommittee is an ad-hoc committee in charge of reviewing the SLUO Charter.  The SLUO Charter was reviewed and updated in 2007/2008. 

Computing Subcommittee:

The Computing subcommittee acts as an information conduit between users and laboratory computing staff and policies. Users are welcome to address computing concerns to this sub-committee.

Critical changes to the SLAC computing system may occasionally be reported to the entire user community. This sub-committee will create/maintain an ongoing relationship with the lab's Scientific Computing Council to stay informed of and, possibly, influence computing policies. One member of this committee (plus backup) will represent SLUO's interest on SLAC's Computer Security Committee. Members of this committee will support the SLUO Administrator, as needed, in the upkeep of the SLUO Web site. The committee is expected to make periodic reports to the entire Executive Committee.

The specific issues dealt with vary from year to year. In the past, issues have included:  Mechanisms for changing passwords for remote users, negotiation for the creation of the SLUO database and its role in authorizing the creation of new computer accounts, and various security problems.

Outreach Subcommittee:

The role of the Outreach subcommittee of SLUO is to assist SLAC's general efforts in outreach to the public and to involve SLAC users in that activity.

The Public Meetings Subcommittee:

The Public Meetings Subcommittee organizes meetings open to all members of SLUO. In most years there is a single public meeting: the SLUO annual meeting. The subcommittee selects a meeting date, invites political and scientific speakers, and advertises the meeting. This year the committee will also consider a public meeting on SLAC's role in the LHC.

Quality of Life Subcommittee:

The quality of life subcommittee is focused on defending or improving the quality of life currently enjoyed by the SLAC user community. Examples of recurring issues include: visas and problems for foreign visitors, the guest house, cafeteria hours, campus shuttle bus schedule, office space, medical insurance for visitors, social space and activities, daycare, other safety and convenience issues. A looming issue is the recent, critical reduction of the SLAC Library.

The Washington DC Trip Subcommittee:

The trip itself is typically in March or April, with a kickoff meeting hosted 1-2 months prior to the trip by one of the involved users'
organizations. The subcommittee and the trip team meet once weekly during the planning and execution phases of the trip, and then as appropriate afterward.