Quarterly SLUO Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday May 13, 2009


Cedar Conference Room (048)
Call: 510-665-5437
When: May 13, 2009, 10:00 AM America/Los_Angeles
Meeting ID: 2009

Tentative Agenda

1. Information on the DC trip, lessons, follow up and preparation for a  SLAC Today article: Steve, Lisa & Gerard;

2. Information and discussion on the SLUO LHC Workshop organized at SLAC  on July 16&17: information on the dedicated meeting held on May 12;

3. First discussion on our SLUO Annual Meeting - proposal from Steve Kahn (...exaemple of DESY...)
* non-accelerator community (DUSEL, EXO, etc.),
* Atlas expansion,
* Facet: user facility and accelerator physics at SLAC ==> emergence of a new user community (how to define a user?);

==> What do we want to achieve this year?
==> Decision on a date!
==> Start ASAP to build the agenda and to contact the relevant people!

4. Current practical businesses like
 * SLAC Library: Ray & Frank;
 * SLAC Cyber Security Basics Course: all;

 * ...

5. News of the SLUO Subcommittees
 * computing: Tom;
 * outreach: Seth;
 * Quality of Life: Fabrizio;




Meeting Minutes:



Attendees: Tim Barklow, Fabrizio Bianchi (phone), Gérard Bonneaud, Dave Brown, Seth Digel, Tom Glanzman, Bill Lockman, Steve Sekula, Uli Wienands. 

Plus:  Ray Cowan and Frank Porter for the discussion on the recent meeting of the SLAC Library task force.


Agenda Item 1: 

Washington DC Trip


Steve Sekula reported on the April 28 – May 1, 2009 Washington DC Trip which included members from SLAC and Fermilab User’s Organizations, and USLUO (US LHC User’s Organization.  A full report will be available on the website by the end of the month


Some messages from Washington:


Lessons Learned/Follow-up:


Agenda Item 2:  SLUO LHC Workshop

Discussion and reporting on progress of workshop included:


Agenda Item 3:  SLUO Annual Meeting

-          Underground science – EXO (Breidenbach);

-          Astrophysics – Seth Digel suggested report of papers generated through FERMI/GLAST project.  Other astrophysics – Dark Matter, Gamma Ray Telescope (AGIS);

-          FACET – Tim Barklow and Gerard to meet with Tor;


Agenda Item 4:  Current Business

SLAC Library: 

Ray Cowan and Frank Porter reported on April 28 Library Task Force meeting they attended on behalf of SLUO:

Action items:  Post letter, date for report deadline, access to survey č to be done ASAP!



David Brown will be the 2009 SLUO contact with NUFO SLUO/NUFO relationship needs to be determined What is our role?


Computing Test:

SLAC’s requirement for all computing account holders to take an annual computing test was discussed.  There was agreement that it is not SLUO’s responsibility to remind people to take the test. 


Agenda Item 5:  News of the SLUO Subcommittees


Computing Subcommittee Report (Glanzman):


Outreach Subcommittee Report (Digel):


Quality of Life Subcommittee Report (Bianchi):


A.O. B: 

Discussion regarding Austria’s announced withdrawal from CERN.  There is a petition letter being circulated in the international community, Fabrizio Bianchi suggests that SLUO circulate the letter to the SLUO User List [Done]



- End-