December 21, 2005





Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, Lance Dixon, Eli Rosenberg, Bruce Schumm, Gabriella Sciolla, Abi Soffer, Alexandre Telnov, Eric Torrence



Selection of Interim Chair (Action)


Since Gregory is now employed by SLAC, he can no longer act as Chair. Gregory nominated Eli Rosenberg as interim Chair, and Bruce seconded. All were in favor.



SLUO Executive Committee Vote


There are over 130 votes for the new membership, to replace departing members Ray Cowan, Yury Kolomensky, Eli Rosenberg, and Gabriella Sciolla.



Election Procedures (Action)


Gregory moved that the Executive Committee formally agree to the procedures for the election currently being conducted, as previously agreed upon in e-mail discussions within the Committee, including the setting of the deadline for votes to be this Friday

by 11:59pm Pacific time. Abi seconded; all were in favor.


Vote Counting (Action)


In the absence of Olga, Gregory moved that two independent SLUO Exec members do vote counts: Ray Cowan and David Lange. Lance seconded; all in favor.



Voting Eligibility


Ray had a question about the eligibility of a former SLAC employee who is still active in research to participate in the SLUO Executive Committee election. Gregory read the following excerpt from the Charter:


B. Structure

1.      Individual Membership: Individual membership in SLUO is open to

all scientists and engineers involved in research and development at SLAC. [Ö]


In view of this language, the Executive Committee agreed without objection that this individual is qualified to vote in the election.



Washington D.C. Subcommittee


Abi proposed that Steve Sekula be added to the Washington D.C. Visit Subcommittee as a non-SLUO Exec member. Sasha seconded; all in favor.



Energy and Water Appropriations Bill


There has been a rather urgent letter sent out by the APS urging members to send letters advocating for restoration of funding in the FY 2007 budget. The draft of this budget will be finalized in February. Abi will contact BaBar PIís urging them to bring this to the attention of their groups.



Date of Next SLUO Executive Committee Meeting


A nominal date of January 20 has been proposed, contingent on the availability of the new members. Existing members are encouraged to send their availability for Fridays in January to Eli.





Meeting adjourned, 12:30pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Bruce A. Schumm

Secretary and Treasurer