SLUO Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes of Friday, 13 June 2003

Present (at SLAC): Phil Burrows, Ray Cowan Sridhara Dasu, Eduardo do Couto e Silva, Gabriella Sciolla, Amanda Weinstein, Fran Spiller

Present (by phone): Homer Neal, Eli Rosenberg

1. Schedule for the Annual Meeting:

There is a new schedule conflict between Steve Wozniak's BBC interview visit, and SLUO Annual Meeting/BaBar week. Neil Calder would very much like us to accommodate the BBC, and has already negotiated with BaBar management to provide the time he needs in the afternoon by having BaBar move some of their afternoon meetings to 11:00 a.m. That puts a tight squeeze on our schedule. We discussed the Annual Meeting schedule, rearranged it to end at 11:30 a.m., and follow up with the Institutional Representatives Meeting in the Orange room. Neal agreed to get BaBar to start at 11:30 a.m.

Homer suggested that the SLUO Exec. report should be on the agenda. Sridhara suggested we do it at the Institutional Rep. Meeting after the main meeting in the auditorium.

2. Interaction with SSRL Users

Eli noted the SLAC Scientific Policy Committee had suggested that SLUO explore closer ties with the SSRL Users Group. The SSRL Users invited us to send a representative to the meeting of their Executive
Committee on May 9th. Ray Cowan from SLUO Exec. attended. He reported about several items they discussed and was impressed by their organization of the Washington visit.

Eli commented that SSRLUO, after their visit with congress, reported to Pat Dehmer in the DOE/BES office (their equivalent of Robin Staffin). We should, in the future, report to DOE/NSF as well. This year's trip was arranged on an informal basis and people already booked return travel without planning for it. The plan is for the Washington team to visit with DOE Oof S and NSF people and build this into the schedule. SLUO Exec. agreed that this is a good idea. We should plan with FNAL UEC to make this visit productive.

3. Interaction with Fermilab UEC

There was a discussion that SLUO Exec. and FNAL UEC arrange physics talks by University/Lab physicists at Germantown. To continue to implement this we need to talk to Robin and Marv during their visit. One suggestion is that there be a seminar organizer contact at the Germantown office and SLUO Exec. and FNAL UEC can suggest speakers. The Germantown contact can mutually negotiate with each speaker for the visit.

It was suggested that we invite Robin Staffin and Marv Goldberg to the Institutional Rep. meeting and chat for a while before lunch. We can continue with the annual election organization, etc., after lunch. This session will overlap the BaBar meeting. It will nevertheless be quite fruitful.

4. Visa Issues

Eli raised the issue of increased foreign visitor visa difficulties. There is plenty of evidence that obtaining a visa has become difficult. There is also indication that things are about to get worse. Can SLUO Exec. do much about this? It was agreed that there is not much we can do directly. We can, however, bring up the awareness of this issue. Eli suggested that we raise the question, "What is your university doing about this visa issue?" at the Institutional Rep. meeting. Sridhara suggested that Eli, as the chair of SLUO Exec., could write to the APS president outlining the problems faced by our constituents and requesting APS to petition appropriate authorities about solving this problem.

5. Health Care Survey

Eduardo circulated a proposed health insurance survey questionnaire. Sridhara will help convert it into a web form that will automatically send email to the SLUO secretary when filled. After debugging, this will be sent to the SLUO list.

Submitted by Sridhara Dasu


posted July 15, 2003 by mcdunn