SLUO Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes of Friday, 11 April 2003

Present: Ray Cowan, Sridhara Dasu, Eduardo do Couto e Silva, Yury Kolomensky, Krishna Kumar, Homer Neal (by phone part time), Eli Rosenberg, Gabriella Sciolla, Amanda Weinstein, Staff: Olga Iakovleva, Fran Spiller

Eli proposed that the SLUO Exec stay in touch regularly by augmenting the four in-person meetings with conference phone calls.

There has been a delay in producing minutes of previous meetings. Eli will edit the Oct. minutes which were submitted; Ray will submit the Feb. minutes.

The non-US citizen registration form was considered by many users as offending. The web registration form is now withdrawn. Some buffering is needed to soften the message.

The SLAC security committee needs user representative. It was suggested that two people would be more appropriate--one US, one non-US. Later in the meeting this was discussed with Steve Williams who agreed. Gabriella will suggest candidates.

Annual Meeting: Robin Staffin will be coming. Roger Blandford has been invited. The committee discussed the agenda in detail. Eli will ask Jonathan Dorfan and Persis Drell about speakers for proposed talks.

Neil Calder gave his impression of the Washington visit. He was impressed by the group which visited and their result. He noted in particular the preparatory work together with FNAL including the Feb. visit which was instrumental in delivering a focused common message.

Some discussion of the effectiveness and nature of the visits followed. Eli pointed out that there were now 39 senators signed on to the Warner/Bingamin letter in the Senate. Only 15 people have signed the Eshoo letter.

Neil Calder gave a presentation about global communication on particle physics ( The newswire signup is already available. The website is under preparation.

Amanda reported about YPP activities. The linear collider lecture series was successful. They are trying to organize another HEP funding 101 lecture.

Ray reported on computing issues. Web page link security is being discussed. Cross links to other usersí directories will probably not be permitted, whereas soft links to a userís own directory is allowed. This issue may affect many groupsí ability to do physics as they planned. We need to resolve this issue with people higher up in the computing management, in addition to working with the computer security committee.

A graduate student (and post doc) health insurance survey will be sent out to sluolist to find out the magnitude of the problem, if any. Eduardo will send the SLUO Exec a proposed survey questionnaire.

Steve Williams and Neil Calder joined us for after lunch discussion. The main issue was the new mandate to keep track of non-US citizen users in the federal government FACTS database. Neil and Jonathan Dorfan drafted a letter to the international users which we found adequate. A "badging" committee will be formed and SLUO will have an international user representative on it. Eli will collect names and nominate a person to Steve.

Janice Dabney presented an overview of the SLAC Operating Safety Committee. We will identify a user to serve on this committee.

Possible SLUO lecture series topics were discussed. One topic of interest was "How to talk to non-HEP people about HEP" where non-HEP includes other physicists, the public, the press, high-school students, middle and grade school students. Eli will contact Neil Calder about the types of talks and possible speakers. Another is "Physics at Hadron Colliders" as an attempt to address some of the perceived parochialism at both SLAC and Fermilab. This should include both FNAL and LHC physics. The feasibility and desirability of such a series will be discussed further after some input is gathered on more
detailed topics and speakers.

Fran gave a brief update of User Office activities.

Eli proposed that we should hold phone meetings interspersed with regular in person meetings. This will help keep continuity and group focus. The next meeting will be by the phone on June 13, 8-10AM. Those at SLAC will meet in the SLUO conference room.

Submitted by Sridhara Rao Dasu and Eli Rosenberg


posted April 28, 2003 by mcdunn