SLUO Executive Committee Meeting

February 2, 2001

Present: Tricia Rankin, Charlie Young, Fran Spiller, Hartmut Sadrozinski, Phil Burrows, Sridhara Dasu, Ben Brau, Amanda Weinstein, Neil Geddes, Tom Glanzman, Ray Frey, Janis McKenna, Homer Neal, Tor Raubenheimer, Steve Rock (midday)

On Phone: Tania McMahon (morning)

Minutes of the November 3, 2000 meeting were ratified.

Report from Chair: Tricia Rankin

Reports from Committees:
Facilities Committee: Charlie Young was selected as chair of this committee.
Annual Meeting and Charter Changes Committee:

Sridhara Dasu was selected as chair of this committee.

Annual Meeting:

The suggested SLUO Annual meeting date is Friday June 29, just after the June 24-28/01 BaBar collaboration meeting, and before the Snowmass 2001 meeting, which begins on June 30, 2001.

Such timing would allow a good opportunity to bring in European speaker(s) who would be going to the Snowmass meeting immediately afterward. Eisenstein and Rosen have been suggested as possible representatives from NSF and DOE.

Charter Changes:

An active discussion and ideas on possible voting procedure changes for the SLUO elections ensued. All but one of the current SLUO executive committee members are BaBar physicists and it would be desirable for SLUO to have representatives from all sectors of the SLAC user community.

It was noted that very few SLUO members actually vote in the SLUO elections (the estimate is 10% of SLUO members vote in SLUO elections).

Snowmass Meeting

Ray will chair the Snowmass Meeting committee

Ray presented the status of the Snowmass 2001 meeting (June 30-July 21/01).



Warehouse Renovation

Julie O'Neill reported that the Building 28 User Warehouse renovation will begin at the end of February 2001. Presently the majority of Warehouse occupants are affiliated with GLAST.

Orange Room Renovation

Nina Adelman Stolar reported that renovations to the Orange Room will proceed. Information about new facilities (AV equipment, microphones etc) will be passed onto users, so they are aware of recent upgrades.

SLUO Office Report

Fran Spiller:

Lunch with the Directorate
Greg Loew, Jonathan Dorfan, Richard Mount, Steve Williams, Sonja Cronin and PA Moore joined the committee for lunch.

Space: Steve Williams reported on space issues and renovations. He agreed to schedule a meeting with the SLUO Facilities committee members to discuss the renovations to the Warehouse, the new office building and changes to the SLUO office area.

Budget: Jonathan reported that the schedule for the release of new federal budget is not yet known. It could be released as late as April.

Washington Trip: In May 2000, SLAC supported 8 participants for the annual DNP/DPF congressional reception in Washington DC. FNAL sent approximately 20 physicists to this event last year. Jonathan indicated that SLAC can support the 2001 Washington travel at a level similar to last year's support.

On-site Housing: Jonathan reported that the new on-site accommodation will open rooms in July 2002. In order to keep the price down, we will need to keep a high level of occupancy (the aim is for 85% occupancy, averaged over the full year). Phase-1 will have 110 rooms. A Phase-2 facility with another 55 rooms is a possible future extension.

SLUO would like to continue to be involved, i.e consulted in setting priority and occupancy guidelines. This facility is not meant to be for long stays; maximum stays are foreseen at about a month, so this accommodation is not intended for 4-month summer visitors. Transportation to and from campus and new hours for the SLAC cafeteria will be considered.


Richard Mount said the plans to get rid of all old tape drives is underway. There is no accurate time estimate, but the removal will likely to be completed by summer 2001.

SSRL Users Organization

Paul Foster, Chair of SSRL Users Organization gave an overview of SSRL and its users' organization. We share many common interests with SSRL:

A copy of Paul's slides will be left with SLUO Office.
Outreach and Communications committee: Homer will chair this committee

PA Moore encouraged SLUO to submit a regular column to "Interaction Point".

Jonathan encouraged possibility of a REU program at SLAC be discussed with Helen Quinn.

Homer will represent SLUO at a Feb.10 meeting with FNAL users via telephone.

The next meeting of the SLUO Executive Committee will be held Friday, May18, 2001.

Minutes submitted by Janis McKenna.