MINUTES OF THE JUNE 28, 1999 MEETING OF THE SLUO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Present: C. Damerell, R. Frey, N. Geddes, T. Glanzman, C. Hearty, R. Jacobsen, C. Young, R. Dufresne and F. Kaufmann Previous minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Ree Dufresne will make sure that previous minutes are available from the SLUO web pages. Annual Meeting discussion: Although attendance in the afternoon was good, some of the morning talks had small audiences. Various ways to ensure that more people know about it were discussed. The proposed poster session was not held because only one experimental collaboration was interested in providing posters. It was not clear how to improve this in coming years, and suggestions would be appreciated. Report on the DPF/NSD congressional reception (Natalie Roe): The annual congressional reception sponsored by the APS Division of Particles and Fields was held on May 18th in Washington DC. The Nuclear Science Division was a co-sponsor this year. The purpose of this event is to inform members of Congress and their staff about the achievements, goals and concerns of the HEP community. SLAC sent Natalie Roe (LBNL) and Uriel Nauenberg (U of Colorado) to represent the SLAC users. In addition to attending the evening reception, they visited the offices of several members of Congress. Larry Gladney (U of Pennsylvania) and Doug Roberts (U of Maryland), both SLAC users in the Washington area, also participated. Fermilab sent a large delegation, and a number of DOE officials were also in attendance. Executive Committee nominations discussion: A total of 18 people were nominated by the Institutional Representatives for the next election to the SLUO Executive Committee. Ray Frey will go down the list in order asking if they are willing to serve, and will create a ballot of 8 to 12 candidates. We are interested in more contact with students. One graduate student was nominated this year. SSH-Security: SLAC Computing Services (SCS) will be removing telnet access to central computers in the fall. SLUO will send a mailing to remind users of this. More information can be found at http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/security/telnet-alert.htm Lunch with Directorate: Ray Frey thanked Burt Richter and David Leith for their participation in the annual meeting, and for their excellent talks. The DOE has recently been concerned with the costs of travel and meetings. Jerry Jobe will be asked to clarify what the new rules are, and how they effect users. Users have encountered difficulties using SLAC Accounts and the SLAC travel office when trying to arrange trips that don't begin or end at SLAC. Steve Williams agreed to look into whether these restrictions could be lifted by changing the indirect charges applied to trips like these. It is important that all users from sensitive countries contact SLUO before arriving at SLAC. The DOE now requires advance clearance for such users. If it is not started well in advance of arrival, it can result in significant delays before the user can start to work. Charter Vote: The ballot for election of new committee members will also be used for the vote on the proposed amendments to the SLUO Charter. A version of the Charter with the changes indicated in bold/strikeout will be put on the web before the election Family Issues and Summer Pot Luck: The SLUO web pages listing resources for users and families are being updated. The Bechtel International Center on the Stanford campus is an excellent resource for users from outside the US. A "Summer Pot Luck Dinner" was felt to be an excellent way to involve families, as the traditional "SLUO Socials" are more oriented toward physicists. Riccardo de Sangro is working on organizing this. SLUO Office Report: Work continues on getting the user records up-to-date. SLAC intends to switch to their new database system at the end of July, and a significant amount of work has gone into making sure that the SLUO information will still be available. User ES&H training remains a concern. Classes are now being offered roughly once a month, though classes with fewer than10 people registered are usually cancelled. Ree Dufresne has been working with the ES&H people to align this more with user needs. There will be a SLUO Executive Committee meeting on October 25th. Minutes submitted by R. Jacobsen Secretary/Treasurer Users Executive Committee