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April 25, 1999





L. Cominsky, R. Frey, N. Geddes, T. Glanzman, C. Hearty, R. Jacobsen,

N. Roe, R. de Sangro, T. Schalk, C. Young, R. Dufresne and F. Kaufmann

Approval of minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Congressional Reception:

The DPF-sponsored congressional reception will be May 11, 5-7PM in Washington DC. Several meetings with Congressional staff are being set up at that time. Ray Frey has contacted the Fermilab Users Organization about the possibility of having some of these meetings jointly. Natalie Roe and Uriel Nauenberg are contacting SLAC users to

encourage them to attend.

Annual Meeting:

The SLUO Annual Meeting is June 24th. Chris Damerell and Charlie Young are coordinating it. The schedule will be circulated as soon as speakers have been confirmed.

It was proposed that a poster session be held as part of the Annual Meeting. Natalie Roe, Tom Glanzman and Charlie Young will organize this. Interested people should contact them directly.


The housing subcommittee has provided the results of the survey to the SLAC Directorate, who have forwarded it to Stanford University for planning purposes. The recent discussions with Menlo Park have resulted in closer ties to the SLAC housing office and several "Granny Apartment" listings.

The computing subcommittee is looking into users experiences with the SCS help desk, and would appreciate users sending their comments to Gerard Bonneaud.

The space subcommittee reported that there are numerous renovations and office moves happening in the Central Lab. These are expected to be complete by the end of July.

New users from foreign countries:

It is important that new users from foreign countries check in with the SLUO office before their arrival so that any necessary paperwork can be done. Requirements for foreign visitors do change, so it is best to check as soon as possible.

Lunch with SLAC Directorate: (David Leith, Steve Williams present)

The new User's Building is in the President's budget at a level that would have it ready for occupancy in late summer 2001. The need for conference rooms is particularly acute.There is a proposal to expand the Training Center by the summer of 2000. This would take place instead of moving the Central Lab machine shop, which is currently expected to stay where it is.

The DOE is formulating new regulations on access for foreign visitors, particularly those from certain sensitive countries. The SLAC International Services Office handles the necessary approvals for users from foreign countries, and will work with SLUO to

implement any changes needed once the regulations are final.

SLUO charter update:

Lynn Cominsky proposed an update of the SLUO Charter to clarify the use of email for various purposes and to bring the language up to date. This proposal was accepted. The membership will be asked via email to approve the changes.

SLUO representation on the SLAC Web Coordination Committee:

SLUO was asked if there should be a member of the SLAC Web Coordination Committee (SWCC) who watches for items that impact SLAC users. Frank Porter, who is already a SWCC member, agreed to do this.

Family Issues and Summer Pot Luck:

Riccardo de Sangro and Neil Geddes are working to provide more information to arriving users about life in the SLAC area. They will also be attempting to organize some social functions over the summer. People interested in helping with either activity should contact them.

SLUO Office Report:

After repairs to the ceiling and ventilation, the SLUO office has been moved back to its previous location by the side entrance to the Central Lab Annex.

Future meetings:

The SLUO Annual Meeting is June 24th. The SLUO Institutional Representatives will meet on June 24th to nominate new members for the Executive Committee.

There will be SLUO Executive Committee meetings on June 28th and October 25th.

Minutes submitted by

R. Jacobsen


Users Executive Committee