Minutes of the January 22, 1999 meeting of the SLUO executive committee


G. Bonneaud, L. Cominsky, R. Frey, N. Geddes (phone), T. Glanzman, C.

Hearty, R. Jacobsen, N. Roe, R. de Sangro, C. Young, and R. Dufresne.

Approval of minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved after typographical

corrections. Future minutes will be distributed electronically as

ASCII text.

EPAC and Safety committee nominations:

We were asked for nominations to the SLAC EPAC and suggested nominees

have been forwarded. In November we were asked for a nomination to

the Safety Committee. We nominated Michael Schneider of UCSC, who has

since been accepted by the lab.


Housing in the SLAC area continues to be tight. Stanford is

investigating the possibility of using some housing at the former

Moffeit Field, about 12 miles from SLAC. SLAC is also discussing

with the mayor of Menlo Park how to improve awareness of available

"granny houses" for users. SLAC has asked SLUO to perform a survey of

user interest for these possibilities.

Lunch with Directorate:

DOE, SLAC and Stanford have completed their new operating agreement.

It will run for five years.

WWW news:

The SLUO web pages have been reorganized. Users are encouraged to

take a look, particularly at the new News section.

SLUO charter changes:

Several minor updates to the SLUO charter were discussed, and will be

studied further. Lynn Cominsky is gathering suggested

clarifications, etc, and interested users should contact her.

Congressional Reception:

The DPF-sponsored congrssional reception will be May 11, 5-7PM [note:

it was May 4 as of Jan 22] in Washington DC. Users are encouraged to

suggest effective attendees to represent the SLAC physics program.

SLUO office report:

Construction in the area of the SLUO office will require a temporary


Future meetings:

The next meeting of the Executive Committee was tentatively set for

April 19, and has been confirmed. The Annual Meeting will be

Thursday June 24th.