SLAC Users Organization Executive Committee

Minutes of the May 15, 1997 Meeting of the Users Executive Committee

Present: J.Fry, S. Hertzbach, R.Jacobsen, J.Johnson, U.Nauenberg, T.Schalk, T.Usher, S.Willocq; N.Adelman-Stolar and R.Dufresne.


  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Discussion of Annual Meeting
  3. SLUO election
  4. Review of visit to Washington, D.C.
  5. SLUO office issues
  6. Future meetings

NOTE: Users can expect to receive notices from SLUO about calling and letter-writing campaigns.

1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting on Apr. 11, 1997, were approved as distributed.

2. Discussion of Annual Meeting

It was agreed that the attendance at the May 14 SLUO Annual Meeting was the best anyone could remember, with typical head counts approaching 200. The concurrent BaBar collaboration meeting clearly helped, yet it was noted that BaBar attendees were still in the minority, so there is room for improvement here. Committee members found that attendees generally were pleased with the format of the meeting and the choices of speakers and topics, but S. Willocq felt that the introduction should have had more emphasis on the role of SLUO and how it can be of help to the user community.

3. SLUO Election

It was noted that the meeting of SLUO institutional representatives (during the Annual Meeting) had been well attended and effective in nominating a strong list of potential candidates for the upcoming election. Nauenberg expected the final slate of 12 to be settled in a week, after which statements from the candidates would be solicited and ballots sent out by e-mail (around mid-June). Users will then be given one month to return their ballots. Some concern was expressed over a possible lack of representation for certain SLAC programs on future committees.

4. Review of Washington Trip

Nauenberg reported on the visit to Washington D.C. by himself and S. Hertzbach May 5-6 in connection with the DPF reception for members of Congress and staff. They visited a number of Congressional offices (including Joe Barton, an opponent of US funding for LHC), accompanied on the second day by Patricia McBride of the Fermilab users organization, Mike Witherell of HEPAP, plus Jonathan Dorfan, Harvey Lynch and Peter Rowson from SLAC. A clear message was received that particle physics is not seen as any different from other programs needing funding and must make a convincing case why it is important. Nauenberg expressed a strong belief that the laboratory user organizations must work together and provide the driving force behind this effort. Hertzbach wondered if the DPF could provide more coordination and leadership in this regard, beyond the annual reception. Schalk recalled hearing from L. Cominsky of a system in the astrophysics community to activate letter-writing campaigns when necessary, and suggested investigating this. For now, SLUO will use its mailing list to alert users to the need for action on issues of common interest (it was noted that last year's campaign writing letters to the White House was quite successful).

5. SLUO Office Issues

Ree Dufresne reported a request from Jim Allan of ES&H that she handle "radiological briefings" which make it possible for SLAC to accept users' radiation training from other laboratories. The sense of the committee was that this was not appropriate for someone in Ree's position.

6. Future Meetings

A short meeting will be held June 10 to plan a Community Forum session for the HEPAP subpanel meeting at SLAC June 24-26. The next regular meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for Sept. 8 with the newly elected members.

Minutes submitted by Jim Johnson Secretary/Treasurer Users Executive Committee

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Stéphane Willocq