SLAC Users Organization Executive Committee

Minutes of the April 11, 1997 Meeting of the Users Executive Committee

Present: J.Johnson, T.Mattison, U.Nauenberg, T.Usher, S.Willocq; (by telephone: L. Cominsky, S. Hertzbach); and R.Dufresne.

1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting on Feb. 14, 1997, were approved as distributed.

2. Committee Reports

3. Washington Visit

Nauenberg reported receiving e-mail from the DPF reporting that few users (only one SLAC user - Nauenberg himself) had indicated plans to attend the annual reception for members of Congress and their staff (May 6 from 5-7 PM). S. Hertzbach indicated that he and a younger member of his group would probably attend if travel funds could be found. Nauenberg agreed to send a message to all SLUO members encouraging them to attend and to make personal visits to members of Congress and staffers to explain the importance of particle physics and basic research in general.

4. SLUO Office Issues

5. Discussions with SLAC Management

Burt Richter, David Leith and Steve Williams joined the Committee for discussions over lunch. In response to a question about budgets, Richter had little to report except a trip to Washington by the directors of the major DoE labs to argue for an increase in the overall HEP funding level. He agreed that as usual Stanford could provide travel funds for one SLUO Committee member to attend the DPF reception May 6.

Regarding a universal form for user information, the directorate endorsed the concept ("one-stop shopping"), but Williams said it is not yet clear how this can be organized. Nauenberg suggested that badges and computer accounts are good places to start. Williams agreed that this will not require additional staffing, rather shifting and reorganizing what already exists. He is also working with Rachel Claus on the language of a revised use agreement to be executed with user institutions and is pleased with the solutions reached in cooperation with the SLUO insurance subcommittee.

In other news, Richter reported that Japan wants to work with SLAC on a joint, site-independent technical design for a room-temperature linear collider. They are working on a lab-to-lab agreement, after which the respective funding agencies must make arrangements to cooperate on R&D leading to the reference design.

6. Meeting with Ken Kase and Rick Yeager

Ken Kase of ES&H and Rick Yeager from Security joined the Committee for discussions of how to coordinate and control issuing of badges and dosimeters, to prevent confusion and duplication. Ree Dufresne provides a list of current users, and Security personnel need to send people on that list to her for new dosimeters. Kase stated that in 1996, 800 dosimeters issued to users were lost, at a total cost to SLAC of about $80,000. He agreed to find out what happens to 30-day dosimeters issued automatically for people with expired radiation training. Yeager agreed to provide SLUO with a summary of procedures to be followed by Security personnel.

7. Future Meeting Dates

A short discussion of the May 14 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 5-7 PM on May 15. The next full meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Monday, Sept. 8, to allow sufficient time for the mechanics of the 1997 SLUO election and notification of new committee members.

Minutes submitted by Jim Johnson Secretary/Treasurer Users Executive Committee

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Stéphane Willocq