SLAC Users Organization Executive Committee

Minutes of the April 12, 1996 Meeting of the Users Executive Committee

Present:M. Fero, J. Fry, S. Hertzbach, J. Huber, J. Johnson, T. Mattison, U. Nauenberg, M. Piccolo, T. Usher, S. Willocq, and R. Dufresne.

1. Approval of Minutes

There were no amendments to the minutes of the previous meeting on March 8, 1996.

2. Computing

Nauenberg expressed concerns about the retirement of Charles Dickens, the present Director of Computing Services. The Executive Committee agreed that the hiring process for replacing the director should include input from the users. This is to be achieved by including users in the search committee. Nauenberg will inform the Lab management of the names suggested by the Executive Committee.

3. SLAC 2000

The SLAC 2000 New Ideas Forum Organizing Committee will meet on Tuesday April 16 to discuss the outcome of the forum and prepare a report. The report is expected to be available on the World Wide Web within a week following that meeting.

The New Ideas Forum will be followed by a meeting of Principal Investigators at SLAC on May 15. It is expected that a sharper picture for the future directions of SLAC will emerge from this meeting; the outcome of which will contribute to setting the agenda for the June 6 SLUO Annual Meeting.

4. Annual Meeting

The next SLUO Annual Meeting will take place in the Auditorium on Thursday June 6, 1996. There was a heated discussion about the agenda for the meeting. One constraint on the agenda is the closing of the BaBar Lehman review which is expected to occur at about 4 pm on that same day. It was decided that the emphasis should be on the future physics program at SLAC, including some of the proposals from the New Ideas Forum. The Executive Committee felt it would be preferable to feature speakers intimately involved with the future of their projects and focussing on future potential rather than status reports.

The Chair repeated the importance of a large users' presence at the Annual Meeting. He will contact other Principal Investigators to emphasize the need for users to show up and participate at the meeting. The Annual Meeting is expected to last most of the day.

5. Summer Housing

Dufresne pointed out a potential problem with limited housing availability for the summer. The SLAC Housing Office is requesting advance notice from users who need housing this summer. Interested users should contact the Housing Office by sending e-mail to to allow them to plan in advance.

6. Next SLUO Executive Meeting

The date of the next Executive Committee meeting was tentatively set for Thursday May 16.

Minutes submitted by Stéphane Willocq (Secretary/Treasurer Users Executive Committee).

Stéphane Willocq