Annual Meeting
Panofsky Auditorium
Tuesday, July 6, 2004


Title Presenter Slides
(pdf or ppt)
Welcome from the SLUO Chair Gabriella Sciolla pdf
State of the Laboratory Jonathan Dorfan pdf  ppt
The Quantum Universe Neil Calder pdf  ppt
Present and Future of HEP: The NSF Perspective James Whitmore pdf  ppt
Perspectives from the DOE Office of High Energy Physics Robin Staffin pdf  ppt
HEP and the Other Physical Sciences: The APS Perspective Helen Quinn  
The Role of SLUO and How YOU Can Help Gabriella Scioll pdf  ppt
Computer Security: The Present and Future of Passwords R. Cowles pdf  ppt
The PEP-II Accelerator John Seeman pdf  ppt
Physics at BaBar David MacFarlane pdf  ppt
The Future of B Physics D. Hitlin pdf  ppt
The Moeller Experiment Mike Woods pdf  ppt
Theory at SLAC: An Overview JoAnne Hewett pdf  ppt
SSRL: X-Ray Science with SPEAR3, SPPS and LCLS Joachim Stohr pdf  ppt
Physics at KIPAC Steven Kahn pdf  ppt
GLAST Bill Atwood pdf  ppt
EXO Thomas Koffas pdf  ppt
Accelerator R&D Bob Siemann pdf

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