SLAC Users Organization Annual Meeting - 2003

Annual Meeting
Panofsky Auditorium
Friday - July 11, 2003


Title Presenter Slides
Length min:sec
Welcome Eli Rosenberg/Jonathan Dorfan   3:10
The SLAC Research Program Today Persis Drell   24:14
DOE Outlook Robin Staffin   37:14
NSF Outlook Marv Goldberg Slides (2.4M) 30:27
Science at the Kavli Institute Roger Blandford Slides (1.8M) 26:11
Report from the SLAC Scenarios for the Future Committee Tom Himel   2:58
Linear Collider Accelerator Tor Raubenheimer   11:10
Super B-Factory Physics Lance Dixon Slides (.2M) 6:56
LHC Physics Dong Su Slides (.3M) 6:59
Neutrino Physics Pat Burchat   6:22
On-site High Energy Options Bruce Schumm   5:40
Advanced Accelerators, R & D Eric Colby Slides (.8M) 9:38
Astrophysics Steve Kahn Slides (.5M) 7:06
General Discussion     20:12

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