SLUO Annual Meeting

SLAC Auditorium
July 7, 2000

The so-called "White Paper" process to plan the future of HEP in the U.S.
will begin at this meeting (and in parallel at the Fermilab Users' Meeting June 26-27).

Electronic versions of talks, if available, are indicated.
Paper versions are available in the SLUO office.

8:45 Coffee
9:00 Introduction, SLUO Exec activities summary, plans for the day R. Frey
9:20 Advanced & Future Accelerator Techniques ( ppt ) E. Colby, SLAC
9:50 "Is there Life After HEP ?" ( ppt ) K. O'Shaughnessy, R2 Technology, Inc.
10:10 Gamma-ray Bursts ( pdf ) S. Thorsett, UCSC
10:40 Break
10:55 "A perspective on the Future of HEP -- SLAC's Role" J. Dorfan, SLAC Director
11:35 "Making the case for High Energy Physics in Washington" P. Rosen, Assoc Director, DoE Office of Science
12:05 "U.S. HEP: the View from Fermilab" M. Witherell, FNAL Director
12:35 Q&A
12:50 Lunch and SLUO Exec Elections
14:30 Plans for Snowmass 2001 ( pdf ) C. Quigg's plastic
14:40 The HEPAP White Paper Process F. Gilman, HEPAP Chair
15:00 "Physics at a Linear Collider"  ( ps.gz ) R. van Kooten, Indiana
15:30 Break
15:45 "Physics at a Muon Storage RIng/Neutrino Source" D. Harris, FNAL
16:15 "Physics at a VLHC" F. Paige, BNL
16:45 Q&A
17:00 5 minute presentations from Users - Input to HEPAP ( html ) Register in advance: fjk@slac
 after Reception, wine and food