Jack Singal

Scientific background: I am an astrophysicist working at KIPAC, on LSST and other projects. I am currently a term staff scientist, after four years as a postdoc at SLAC. I have a background in both instrumentation and theory, and have worked with data across the electromagnetic spectrum. Having participated in projects large and small, both at SLAC and elsewhere, I feel I have a lot of diverse experience in science to represent both the astrophysics community and SLAC users generally.

Service goals: I have participated in the Washington DC Congressional and Executive Branch lobbying trip, and this year I am serving as one of the organizers, leading the planning along with representatives from Fermilab and the US LHC users' group. Following on this, I would like to serve on the SLUO DC trip subcommittee and bring my experience in advocacy and outreach to bear on that. My other area of activism has been transportation issues at SLAC, having previously attempted, in a several year quest, to improve the shuttle bus service from campus. I think that the transportation situation will be crucial for the quality of the work environment at SLAC, both for employees and visiting users. I am concerned with plans going forward that will reduce the already limited number of parking spaces, and would like to improve the commuting situation for drivers, cyclists, and public transportation users.