Nicola Omodei

I am an "experimental astrophysicist", who moved from Italy (from the INFN of Pisa) to the Bay Area in 2008 to follow, as analysis coordinator, the adventure of the Fermi Gamma-Ray space telescope. For one year, I worked at SLAC in building 84, where most of the action in monitoring the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) took place. I am now research assistant at Stanford, working on Fermi. I have been involved in many aspects of the analysis of Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) data, from instrumental and calibration issues, to the study of celestial sources and, particularly, to the study of rapid transients in the gamma-ray sky, such as Gamma-Ray Bursts and Solar Flares.

I am very grateful to SLAC, which welcomed me and provided me with all the resources I needed for my work and my research activity.

I have experienced SLAC as both an external user and as an in-site employee, and I am now interested in proposing ways to improve the user experience and the quality of life at SLAC. In particular, I think that having SLAC playing leading rules in particle physics, photon physics, accelerator science, R&D, astrophysics and cosmology is a very important resource but also a challenge in terms of serving a large, mixed community. I believe that SLUO can work with the lab management to identify how to welcome visiting scientists, and also how to interface these different communities with each other, proposing, for example, interdisciplinary activities such as seminars or lectures. I would like to represent SLAC users and, as a possible member of the SLUO Executive Committee, I'd like to participate in the renovation/reinvigoration of "cross-cultural" lecture series (such as statistics or analysis methods), and specific topical seminars, aimed to promote the different disciplines in a user friendly way.