Patric Muggli

My name is Patric Muggli and I am currently a group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Germany. I have been a long time SLAC user and I think that SLUO has an important role to play is helping both the users and SLAC to adjust to each other. This is particularly true for new users, but SLUO remains an important resource all along one’s user life at SLAC. SLUO also has an important role to play in promoting the science done at SLAC, as well as in informing the various funding agencies with a users point of view.

As a new facility is born at SLAC, FACET, I believe that new issues and new needs will arise, and as just one SLUO member and representative, but also as a FACET user I would bring this new an important point of view to the entire SLUO community. Being part of SLUO I would also do my best to promote and defend the ideas and need expressed by the users community. I would also present my ideas about what SLUO can do and what SLAC can do to make the users’ experience at SLAC even better than it has been for me.

SLUO has made my life easier and happier at SLAC, I intend to pick up the baton and carry it forward.