Mike Kelsey

SLUO has been, and must continue to be, a strong institutional advocate for the needs of both the external user community at SLAC and of SLAC's own reseach staff. The SLUO Executive Committee is the public face of SLUO for most of that advocacy. The Exec needs to work closely with SLAC management to speak with a common voice in support of SLAC's scientific mission, and the international programs in which SLAC participates.

At the same time, the Exec must maintain an open dialogue with SLAC management on behalf of the user community, to ensure that the lab's continuing evolution does not create an environment which ignores or suppresses the ability of our users to contribute to SLAC's mission.

I have been a SLAC user for more than twenty years, and an employee since 2000: beginning with SLD in 1988, through the lifetime of the BaBar experiment as BaBar's drift chamber manager, and now as a member of both the GEANT4 team at SLAC and the SuperCDMS dark matter detector.

I believe that my long experience at SLAC, as both a user and a staff member, gives me a good perspective on the practical issues facing SLAC's user community. As a member of the Exec, I intend to be an advocate for the real, day-to-day needs of our users -- the infrastructure, office and research space, and administrative support which are essential to the highest quality of scientific work.