Usha Mallik

Having been involved with SLAC since 1984 in one capacity or another, it has become an intellectual home for me. In the past few years it has been going through a big change. Since we live amidst changes they should be and are welcome. The challenge is in assuring that the changes are all for the better for a long term future, and that we add to new areas of strength while being able to maintain the old ones.

Currently I am a member of the ATLAS experiment, with a small group from The University of Iowa and am involved in the Particle Flow Algorithm development for a detector at the International Linear Collider. I was a member of the BABAR experiment since its conception and contributed to the trigger and in the area of charm baryons.

As an institution SLAC seems to be steering carefully through the stormy times, vigilance is always important. The user community in SLAC has also changed a lot. There are new insights to be gained, new priorities to be set from the perspective of a user. These should be properly addressed by the SLUO for the users often at SLAC and those not often at SLAC.

The users successes and concerns along with those of the lab have to be properly represented to the funding agencies so that they can appreciate the excellent work being performed at SLAC and the benefit in supporting its needs. Communication with the funding agencies is a critical part of the SLUO executive committee. In fact joining forces with other labs as appropriate during the information exchange trips will be positive.

SLUO should also act as an ambassador to the greater scientific communities and the other user organizations on behalf of SLAC, in its scientific mission. It is imperative that we combine our forces for the overall benefit of the field as a whole and this requires excellent communication.

One other important point is to pay attention to the longer term future from the point of view of the next generations of scientists. I have initiated several discussions and committees to think about the future of our field for the younger generations.

As a member of the SLUO executive committee, these will be the areas I would like to focus on.