Kevin Flood


I have been resident at SLAC since 1998, when I was a graduate student participating in SLD and Babar. This was the height of the first "" bubble, and it took me almost two months to find housing. In the intervening years, there have been large changes at SLAC which have diversified and broadened both its scientific mission and user community. I believe a core mission of SLUO should be to help forge links among these various user communities on common issues such as computing, quality of life both inside SLAC and in the larger Bay Area community, and outreach. SSRL/LCLS users have organizations parallel to SLUO, and there are seemingly many areas where an amalgamated users' organization might carry more weight than any individual organization. Such a cooperative venture might extend to interactions with funding agencies as well as with laboratory management.

If elected, I would explore closer linkages among the various users' organizations. Initially, this might focus on a specific issue, such as computing or outreach, but the ultimate goal would be a tighter integration on common issues such as quality of life, computing, and opening lines of communication between disciplines such as photon science and high-energy physics which have historically been segregated but which now co-habitate at SLAC.