Dear SLUO Members and Colleagues:


The 2009 SLUO election has been completed. The SLUO Executive Committee extends its gratitude to all of the candidates.

We had a terrific slate this year, covering a broad spectrum of research interests at the Lab.


We had a total of 197 valid Ballots returned within the election period (November 23 - December 13, 2009).

==> The top four ballot-earners receive the traditional 3-year terms.


The new 2009 members of the SLUO Executive Committee are (by alphabetical order):


Anna Goussiou, U. of Washington, ATLAS

Maria-Elena Monzani, SLAC, Fermi

Homer Neal, SLAC, Babar

Ian Shipsey, Purdue, LSST



Thanks to all.


Best regards,                                Gerard - SLUO Chair

                         on behalf of the SLUO Executive Committee