Homer Neal


As the current BaBar Computing Coordinator I not only have extensively dealt with BaBar computing and management issues but I have also worked with other PPA project computing heads to insure the availability of adequate resources and work towards improving the overall computing infrastructure for SLAC. Even at my modest age my attachment to SLAC goes back several decades to even before my Stanford graduate school days. I've previously served on the SLUO exec committee and would be delighted to serve again. My concerns include the work environment for all users, insuring scientifically successful future of the lab, and improved outreach to allow all to better understand the great research being performed at SLAC. We are at a very pivotal point in the development of SLAC.

With major PPA projects either starting or on the edge of being approved and major non-PPA projects starting the needs of the lab are changing and through serving on the SLUO-exec committee it is my intention to use my experience to help SLAC choose and adapt the best path for its and its users future.