Maria Elena Monzani



I received my PhD from Milano and Paris VII Universities in 2005. I joined the SLAC staff exactly two years ago, just in time to give my small contribution to the success of the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope mission.


For me, the most exciting aspect of working at SLAC is the opportunity of being exposed to a very broad spectrum of scientific activities: I would like to contribute to the current SLUO efforts in fostering the scientific exchange between the different members of the SLAC community. Moreover, I am convinced that communication with the external public is a vital function of the lab: I hope that the SLUO will be able to work with the Office of Communications to expand our current outreach efforts.


One of the core functions of the SLUO is to help the laboratory in providing better services to the users community (cafeteria, catering service, guest house, housing office, library): we need to make sure that enough resources are allocated for these fundamental activities, so that spending time at SLAC can be a profitable and enjoyable experience for everyone. Finally, we need to pay continuous attention to the visa issues of our international visitors, working closely with the International Office, in order to provide up-to-date visa informations to our international users and staff.