Tom Markiewicz

Bachelor of Science from SUNY Stony Brook in 1972 with a Ph.D. from Berkeley in 1981 based on a muon scattering experiment at Fermilab. Then to UA1 at CERN for 6 years before joining SLD in 1987. Worked primarily on the Central Drift Chamber and the interaction with SLC. Around 1994 began to dabble in the Next Linear e+e- Collider which became a full time effort after SLD ended. I maintained that involvement through the transition to ILC and continue play a significant role, particularly in the area of the Machine Detector Interface and the SiD detector concept. In 2003 began to work with the US LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP) building so-called Phase II collimator prototypes for LHC and am now the Accelerator Physics leader of LARP and defacto LHC Accelerator Physics coordinator at SLAC.

Strengths & Vision for SLUO:
I did a 3 year stint on SLUO exec 1993-1996. I like to think I have a broad view, having done muon, electron & proton experimental physics as both a HEP experimentalist and an (untrained) accelerator physicist. I've worked at Fermilab and CERN as a user & at SLAC as a staff member. Electing a SLAC staff member for SLUO is always an iffy prospect, especially now that the HEP program at SLAC is transitioning to a user support model to a large extent. My concerns for SLUO would be to assist in the SLAC juggling act of potential future projects, with an emphasis on the particle physics side, and a promise to expedite user involvement through SLAC when whichever of the projects under national consideration become a reality.